SSF is more than proud to host
Collin County Economic Opportunities,
CCEO, 2015!

    Or as I prefer to say, Double CEO 2015!

    Join us and our Squeezepenny (SQP) CSA
    (Community Supported Agriculture) Members for
    a true local adventure! Farmer Penny, EAE (a self
    proclaimed Econ-Agri-Ecopreneur) is asking for
    you all to dig just a little deeper to learn what you
    might do to help each other ensure the success of
    this economical agricultural eco-friendly plan.

Currently proposed to the estimated
    854,778 residents of Collin County, Texas.
    With a specific challenge to the approx. 155,142
    city residents of  McKinney, TX.

Of course we will do our very best to offer to include  
any interested residents from any of our surrounding
rural communities, smaller towns
    and larger urban sister cities.

    In 2015 SQP CSA intends to begin sprouting new local
    producers while working with existing ones to become a
    regionally located Food Hub,

    our future plans include:

    Squeezepenny Local Food Hub.
    Our SQP CSA Independent Co-Producers will offer
    crops that are grown in, animals that are raised in
    and/or products that are produced in the
    following Texas Counties:

Collin, Dallas, Denton, Fannin,
Grayson, Hunt and Rockwall.

SQP CSA Program has a social approach to
responsibility with an
agrarian twist to fair
valued, fresh, safe and healthy food for our rural,
urban and new urban neighbors.

    SQP CSA's bi-weekly plans
    offer year round support
    to our local area's
    Farmers, Ranchers and Producers.

    Reaching out to work with our current suppliers of
    Fresh, Healthy, Local, Organic or Naturally Grown,
    Raised and/or Produced Texas Agricultural products
    such as: vegetables, herbs, fruits, meats, dairy, poultry,
    honey, farm fresh eggs and etc...

We are planning to sprout new

    Please help us to grow our more convenient
    member assisted, Farm-To-Neighborhood (FTN)
    delivery system* with new drop off sites in
    Allen, East Allen, Anna, North and South Frisco, Garland,
    East and West McKinney, Murphy, Downtown Plano,
    West Plano, Richardson and Sachse, TX.
    *New locations to be considered for groups of 5 or more.

    Our Members' Referrals Welcomed!
    We would be most happy to consider any of our
    Squeezepenny CSA Members' referrals
    to be considered as new members to join us
    during our next "Upcoming" season.

    We hope to include all new members in our
    "Upcoming" 2015 harvests, so hurry and join now!

    During most seasons we ask that you allow us at
    least up to 12 weeks

    (most of the time it is approx. 8 weeks & has been
    as soon as 2 or 4 weeks when we have a member
    request to reschedule, for what ever reason)

    to work you into our subscribing members'
    "tentative" bi-weekly
    distribution schedule.

    Those joining us in September 2015 could start
    receiving their fresh produce distributions from
    our late Fall 2015 harvesting season.

    At the present time we plan to offer to prepare our
    subscribing Squeezepenny CSA Members' fresh
    produce fall distributions and offer for them to pick
    up at the farm as soon as a possible first fall harvest.
    Half our members will be offered one week
    and the other half the following week.
We will ask you to select pick up either
    every other Tuesday - from a F-T-N drop site or
    from the farm every other Wednesday or
    every other Thursday - from a F-T-N drop site.

    Our Farm-To-Door personal delivery to your home or
    office is an extra $5 fee per distribution of your Share.

    Our North Texas weather will determine when we begin
    and how far into the calendar year our fresh produce
    distributions are possible.
    We may also be asking for the help from one member of
    each group of five (5) to take turns visiting our farm and
    pick up for themselves and at least four (4) other
Check out our Farm's other pages for
additional information.
Call or Email Us Today!
Please contact us anytime! We look forward to
hearing from you and answering any questions  
you might have. Check back often for updates.

Our heartfelt "Thanks" go out to our
subscribing SQP CSA Members
and their families,

to all of our
SQP CSA's Independent Co-Producers
and their families

for a wonderful
first five and a half (5 & 1/2) years together!

Our sixth (6th) anniversary together as a CSA
will be celebrated in June 2015.
Above and below are pics of 2 of our members' Crop Boxes,
each containing a fresh produce distribution of
One and one-half (1 & 1/2) 2012 Summer Shares
The one below has potatoes hiding under the tomatoes
with an Add-on: Desert Creek Honey's One lb. Honey Jar.

Squeezepenny CSA
Community Supported

Farmer Penny
you are all enjoying
our cooler weather!


Yes we are still
"New" Members

Now offering
Fall Shares.
One Share costs $125 and
contains five (5) prepaid
fresh produce
scheduled and prepared
bi-weekly, local weather,
bugs, etc...

"Future" Shares
A "Tiny" Share offered in
order for you to help us
grow quick enough to be
able to include you and
your family, friends,
neighbors, co-workers,
etc... by our next
"Upcoming" season. No
membership necessary
for "Future" Shares.
inquire for details.

Our 2015 Fall Shares are
being offered as follows:

First to our
"Charter" Members, our
"Current" Members and
our "Returning" Members.
as always, we welcome
back and will make a spot
for any "Past" Member.

Next to our "Future"
Share Holders that wish
to now become Members
& purchase a 2015 Share.

Then to our "Current"
Members' referral(s) for
new membership".

Then any and all
remaining Share(s) will
gladly be offered to
"New" Members.
My favorite fence post!
SSF's Heirloom
Lemon Cucumbers
Farmer Penny truly owes her miraculous survival and
recovery to our Lord, God.

Please feel free to inquire in person for any updates on
her continued recovery. She and her family thank
everyone for their prayers and kind thoughts over these
very difficult past
nearly four years.

Coming very soon... 2015 update to
Farmer Penny's Post
Braley's well house before and after!
The well is approx. 100 yrs. old.
Yes, there really is a place named Squeezepenny.
It is a rural Collin County, Texas community.
It is home!
Do you see who I see?
SSF's Brussell Sprouts
Spring 2013
Grand-dad Braley's
well top was built
over 35 yrs. ago!
See how they grow
on trellised vines.
Bryan Braley's
upgrade over 3
yrs. ago.
There are several variances of disclaimers and common phrases that
cautions or even warns those who invest in the agricultural
commodities markets and
/or their products.

To borrow just a snip-it from one,
There is always risk involved with trading futures and options.

True enough but this farmer puts an eco twist on everything.
So I came up with

'The only clear option is to not be involved in trading away our
children's futures at any risk!'

Meaning I strongly believe that we can only decide to waste or fail for
our own generation and must instead protect the resources and rights
of our next generations to have their own fair chance to prosper.
It's called
"Sustainable Development!"
We need to make sure that there is plenty of land with enough
grass left for our future generations to live, work, play,
produce and prosper on!
The old well house rebuilt 2 yrs. ago.
Now it's Farmer Penny's Wishing Well.
Of course it works, just look below
I wished for more citrus trees!
Farmer Penny & her mom.
Summer 2014
Spring 2015