Our Mission Statement
"Helping people by championing small scale, local and sustainable solutions to reduce
poverty and provide a share of the "best of the crops" to the less fortunate.

Our Goals
To promote healthy communities,
preserve the lifestyle of American Farm Families and protect their farmlands
all the while conserving our natural resources."

    The Who & Why
Hey there Everybody, Farmer Penny here, I am a disabled organic farmer on a small family
farm in Squeezepenny, located in rural Collin County, TX, working toward transitioning to
Certified Organic. I actually wear alot of hats, so technically I am a
Econ for economist - Agri for agriculture - Eco for ecology - Preneur for the compost, get it?
I have always wanted to say, "Farmers, yeah we shovel __it, both literally and figuratively."
Meaning we not only handle the actual "manure" but also dish out the "bull" fairly well.
Please do pardon me, if I have indeed offended anyone with my lame attempt at being funny.

Seriously though..
This Farmer sees the need to bring together ALL parties concerned. If you allow me the
pleasure of continuing to serve each of you in order to prove my
    fiscally responsible
    "Green, Right-Side up, Fail Forward and Sustainable Business Plan"
    to my counterparts here in Collin County, Texas - I will in return continue to PLEDGE
    my time and service in the form of contacting new, existing and transitioning
    producers to help rebuild
My ideas and plans are dedicated to my now 6 year old
Grand-daughter, Amelia.
Who looked up at me one afternoon while playing on
our wooden fence (and yes we have to check for
splinters quite often around here) and said,
"Hey Everybody - Look at ME, I'M A FARM GIRL !!"

Here's to making sure she and
all of our children, grand-children, and future
generations of great-children etc...    
have a place to be what ever it is they choose to be.
She's Grandma Penny's FARM GIRL!!
Sustainable Agriculture is related to a much broader concept:

Sustainable Development.
Which has been described as "development which meets the needs of the present
without compromising the ability of the
    future generations to meet their own needs".

    There are so many different reasons 'Why' we are opening our doors to the
    community, here are just a few:
    Local Food Safety and Supply; Conservation of our natural resources;
    Preservation of our great nation's Farrmlands;
Food Miles & Carbon Reduction and etc...
    McKinney, Texas 75071
    (972) 838-3869

While growing up my Grandfather, Papa, always told me that I could go outside and play just as far as I wanted to, until I got to a
place a where I no longer recognized the leaves on the trees. I know that he was just trying to get rid of us kids but it also had to do
with the indigenous trees, the temperature zone and the micro-climate, etc...
You see my Papa was not only a farmer, he was indeed a true "Land Stewart", and a darn good one!

I have always kept that in mind while raising my children and babysitting my young grand-daughter. I have always told her, that
she could go and play where ever she wanted just as long as she stayed on the grass to get there. A few years ago at a drop site in
West McKinney she looked at me very seriously and asked, "Grandma Penny, where is the rest of the grass for me to
play on?" From the mouths of babes; a simple, unreasoned and innocent question. I was left with no justifiable explanation
to offer her and regretablely answered, "It's gone, sorry baby, this is just about all they saved from what once was another
family's ranch with plenty of grass to play on."

We need to make sure that there is plenty of grass left for our future generations to live, work, produce, play and prosper on.
It's called
"Sustainable Development"!
Four generations of our Farm Girls!
One of our SQP CSA Member's fresh
produce distribution of their family's
One and one-half (1 & 1/2) 2012 Shares.
Yes, there really is a place named Squeezepenny.
It is a rural Collin County, Texas community.
It is home!